Samsung Galaxy M02 Price – A Look at Samsung’s Newest Smartphone

The Samsung M02 is the basic model of the mid-range smartphone which was launched a couple of months ago. The cheap smartphone falls under the mid-range category and hence it lacks a fingerprint sensor. The handset comes with a good body with a big screen, a large battery, and a neat combination camera set up. Despite this it still manages to score very high marks due to its unique blend of smart features and attractive looks. This review will highlight some of the places where you can buy Samsung M02 online.

The Samsung M02 comes in many different colors including white, black, grey, and pink. These color schemes are designed to go well with different Samsung phones Samsung M02 . Samsung has kept its smartphone in the mid-range price range and thus the cheapest Samsung M02 price tag you get is $200. If you do not mind buying a second hand device you can try out one of the online stores which deal in second hand mobile phones. You should be able to find several websites offering you a Samsung M02 price of around half the original price of the handset.

In spite of being a mid-budget smartphone, Samsung has upped the ante by offering some interesting add-ons. One of the most sought after additions is a built-in micro SD card so that you can use your existing SIM cards for downloading apps like Facebook and downloading music. There are also many branded add-ons which come preinstalled on the Samsung M02. Some of these include:

Samsung has gone the extra mile and also offers the luxury of having a 1GB card in the Samsung M02. It is very easy to expand the memory in the Samsung mobiles as there are slots for the SIM card expansion. The Samsung M02 comes with Windows preinstalled. One of the best features of this smartphone is its infrared remote control which allows you to use your Samsung handset without taking it out of the box. This also offers some really good features and applications like Microsoft Office and Skype.

Another unique feature of this smartphone is the fast charging feature which allows the users to charge their phones using the USB port. Samsung has bundled a lithium ion battery in the Samsung Galaxy S2 to give it extra power and long battery life. But the real star here is the fast charging feature and no other company can match it when it comes to the fast charging feature available on the Samsung galaxy m02.

The Samsung galaxy m02 price is a tad on the steep side but the features it offers makes it a great bargain for everyone. The microSD slot allows you to store more applications and games as well as more songs and photos. The large screen means that you can read text as well as view images at faster speeds. The other big change with this phone is the instant recall function where you can pin point the location of the item you have already stored within the device and retrieve it whenever you need to use it.