Online Vs Traditional MBAs

According to, the 2011 salary of employees with an MBA degree can range from $78,407 to $137,971 in New York (, so it’s not surprising to see why so many students want to pursue an MBA. But to say that a fat paycheck is the only motivation for earning an MBA would be unfair to the students who pursue it, and an unwarranted attack on the spirit of the program itself. There is a certain prestige associated with having an MBA on your resume. It reveals a person who has mastered not just the theoretical concepts of business, but is also a perfect combination of interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, strategic thinking ability, and an analytical bent of mind MBA .

There was a time when a master of business administration degree was the exclusive reserve of the crème-de-la-crème of the academic and corporate world. That was when only a few, top-tier universities offered this program and all of them had stringent entry requirements, not to mention exorbitant tuition and fees.The status quo has changed since then, especially since the introduction of online MBA programs.

But does that mean it’s for everyone? Absolutely not. Whether you pursue a traditional MBA or an online program, you have to be dead sure of your own abilities, your suitability for rigorous academic discipline, and your genuine interest in expanding your skill set. All an online MBA offers is an opportunity for people whose schedules mean they cannot earn their degree in the traditional way. Remember that an MBA never guarantees miraculous corporate success and salaries.

The obvious question is which of the two is the better, more legit option-an online MBA or a traditional program? Unfortunately, there’s no simple “tick the correct one” answer to this question. Both online and traditional MBA programs have their advantages and pitfalls. The job of picking one that’s the best fit for you is, well, yours and yours alone.Now an MBA is not just the right of a select few, but an option open to many who have the willingness and intelligence to see it through.