Know More About Online Associate Degrees

Jack and Jill had eloped post high school and were staying together as couple. Both had a desire to study further but it was far from possible with the given circumstances when they had to work and earn to make ends meet. How else could they arrange for the rent and run the house? Giving time and money too for the tuitions each day was next to impossible.

They worked hard, were sincere but when it came to be considered for the promotion the issue of higher education, graduation cropped up. The decision always seemed to tip the other probably younger not so sincere, inexperienced but a university grad. No promotion meant no extra income, which they would have thought of investing in either one’s education làm bằng đại học . Will this circle ever break, they would think with remorse. One act of a decision, probably wrong by the world standards will it continue to haunt them all their life? They believed in their love foe each other and so nothing really mattered. Unfortunately love alone cannot buy you bread and butter for your life!

Then they came across this article on online associate degree. This was the kind of opportunity they were looking for all their life. Some accredited universities were offering online degrees. The fee structure was negligible as compared to the actual university degree programmed. There was a flexibility of time when they would complete their online hours of stipulated lectures.

It would not be like the actual university campus degree wherein the amount of time put in is much more almost double. There is a direct support of the teachers and so first hand experience. The efforts are probably half reduced due to the efforts on the part of the teachers. But this was much better than no education at all.

They had to navigate their way into the authentic accredited universities on the net. She could do a degree in arts which she always wanted to and he could do in occupational studies which were more to his interest. She would get a degree of Associate of Arts (AA) and he would get a degree of Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS).

They enrolled for the course and could see their dream come true. They had to give about 2 hours each day, which they did post their jobs. They had to complete about 60 semesters of online credit hours to graduate. That would take them about 2 years to complete the graduation. The campus university degree would have otherwise taken 4 years for the completion. They got enrolled to a well known university which was offering an online option.

Actually the online education is in a very primitive stage today. It is the method of education of tomorrow. Very soon all the colleges will have only online education. So probably a few years from now you could be staying in Tokyo and pursuing a degree from Howard and that is a big possibility. The online education is in its primitive stages right now. So is not being given its due consideration for the job. Online degrees from highly accreted universities are being considered for the job though.

The couple completed their education. Two years flew in a jiffy and the degree was recognized by their employers as came from a well accredited university. With the result itself, came the promotion. Finally they had broken the circle. Their long standing dream had finally been realized. They both could complete their education which otherwise only one at the most could have done university degree. They were now thinking of pursuing the Masters program, where else? On the net of course!

According to a Census Bureau survey in 2002, a bachelor’s degree will help you earn nearly $1 million more over your lifetime than simply a high school diploma. Having a master’s degree could help you gain almost an additional half million dollars while holding a professional degree could earn you more than double that of a bachelor’s degree. Those are some pretty powerful numbers.

The 2000 census reported that 26% of Americans had at least a bachelor’s degree. The results from the most recent (2010) census should have much higher statistics. These numbers prove that having a college education is becoming the norm, and not having one will put you at a disadvantage in a job search.

Thanks to technology and scientific advances, jobs and the skills needed to do them are changing rapidly. More and more jobs require an education beyond high school. Having a degree will help you to qualify for many more positions than you would otherwise. In fact, you may find it impossible to break into some fields without a degree, including finance, education, medicine and law.

Jobs today are not stagnant. Keeping up with new methods, practices and technologies can help to put you ahead of others in your field. Those who continue to educate themselves in their industries will be the first to be promoted.

Future opportunities may be available to you in ways you may not even be considering now if you have a degree. At this time you may not believe that you would want to go back to school again for an advanced degree, but your career may take you in a different direction. Having an undergraduate degree will allow you to move forward with further education in the future.