Be Patient For Google Search Results

You’ve built your new website and are really excited, but sadly you can’t find it through organic Google search. There are some important Buy Google Reviews points that you should bear in mind as you wait eagerly for your new website to appear in Google.

After submitting your new website to Google for indexing and inclusion in their database it may take several weeks before the spiders visit and index your site. Please don’t expect to be able to find it through the normal Google search process until it is fully indexed. Until then you can reach your site by directly inputting the web address into the address bar in your browser as this is controlled by the DNS network (domain name servers).

Google favours long-established sites and domain names. If your site or domain name is brand new it will take some time to ‘age’ before it is indexed. Domain age is a critical element that Google uses to rank site importance, so an old domain will always outperform a young one.

New sites may not be fully indexed or appear in search results until they have proven their ‘popularity’, a Google practice known as ‘sandboxing’. The Google Sandbox is very similar to a new website being placed on probation. It is kept lower than expected in searches, prior to being given full value for its incoming links and content. New sites are typically kept in the sandbox by Google for three to six months.

During your website planning you will most likely have researched relevant keywords and phrases that you want your site to be found for. In time you will start to appear in Google search results for your selected keywords or phrases, but you may not appear for other words or phrases that are not part of your targeted keyword set. Please don’t phone your SEO consultant and shout at them if you aren’t appearing in results for non-targeted keywords or keyphrases!