Crush the Castle Strategy Guide – Tips and Tactics

 Crush the Castle Strategy Guide – Tips and Tactics

Crush the Castle, from Armorgames, has been one of this year’s most popular Flash games.  Like all great games the premise is simple – knock down a castle by throwing rocks 38 super ammo for sale  from a trebuchet.

Well in fact the title, Crush The Castle, is a bit of a misnomer.  Progression through the 24 levels is not achieved by destroying the castles, but rather by hitting each of the castle’s occupants.  Each level has one or more people (kings, queens and guards) and to complete the level you must hit each one, either directly with your ammo, or indirectly by causing a piece of the castle to fall.  To become good at the game, forget the castle, and look for ways to hit the people in the castle!

The controls couldn’t be simpler.  First select the ammo you want to use, then click the mouse button once to set the trebuchet in motion, and again to release.  Timing is everything.  Release early and the trajectory will be high, allowing your ammo to drop on your target from above.  Releasing late causes a flatter trajectory, which allows to you to hit the castle wall from the side, or even bounce the ammo along the ground.  Careful use of different trajectories is vital for success.

Another decision which will affect how quickly you can progress in the game is ammo choice.  You start with only he ability to use single small stones.  As you progress through the levels you unlock multiple stones, larger stones, and bombs.  Choosing the right ammo for a particular level makes all the difference.  While the most recently unlocked ammo is usually best, some levels are best attempted with simpler ammo.  For example, level 13 unlocks the large stone, but the level is much easier if you choose to fire 3 small stones as these are small enough to fit down the gap above the queen, beating the level in one shot!

At the start of each level you should take a good look at the castle to search for weaknesses.  Remember that your aim is to hit the people, not destroy the castle, so look for ways to achieve that goal.  For example, level 14 is built like a see-saw with the king on one end.  Firing 3 large stones to land in the gully on the left of the castle will cause it to topple, and the king will fall down onto the spikes… much easier than trying to hit him with a direct shot over the castle walls!