The Smell Of Success: How to choose Your Signature Cologne or Aftershave

Having a signature scent is like having a suit that is cut perfectly: it enhances your natural features and boosts your confidence. A signature scent is a scent that smells good in the bottle, but even better on you. It’s what you splash on for weddings, interviews, and any time you want to put your best foot forward. Selecting the scent that works for you and with you can take a while, but like finding your favorite beer, there’s a lot of enjoyment to be had along the way. Knowing how cologne and aftershave scents are created will help you recognize why you like what you like, and help you find the scent that suits you best.

Cologne, aftershave and all scented products get their scent from chemicals that have distinct aromas. These chemicals can be derived from animal sources incense waterfall, like musk from the musk deer, from plant sources, such as cinnamon bark or mint leaves, or created in a lab. Some scents are created to simulate aromas that occur in nature but aren’t stable, such as grapefruit. Others are synthesized to create an entirely original scent.

These aroma chemicals are blended into fragrances that have different layers of notes. If you’ve ever noticed that cologne doesn’t smell exactly the same when you put it on in the morning as it does in the afternoon, you’ve discovered the different notes of the fragrance. Top notes are the ones you notice first, but fade the quickest. Top notes can include citrus and some herbal notes. Middle notes become more obvious next, and are the second to fade.

These include woody, stronger herbal, and some spicy scents. Base notes are the last to appear and fade, and are often musky, incense-like scents. Your signature scent should smell as good to you in the afternoon as it does in the morning, even as the fragrance evolves. When testing for a signature scent, get samples so you can test a fragrance fully. The bathtub, like everything else in this world, is constantly evolving and growing into something else that compliments its original design and use. We will always, and have always, needed an oasis to bathe in and the bathtub certainly has done its job over the years. Times, however, are changing and with it our needs are also evolving. No longer is it enough to simply take a bath and soak when we have a headache or need to meditate. Stress levels in today’s type of job market, and even social living, demand a better higher tech stress relief for our high tech lifestyles. The days of relieving stress with a hot bath, some bubbles, candles, incense, are by no means gone, but technology is making this almost too much work! You can acquire the same effect from simply flipping a switch, turning a knob (or hitting a digital keypad) and simply submerging yourself into the tub.

Today’s air jet bathtubs, for example, include the luxury of the bubbles, without the inconvenience of the oily residue when you’re done with your bath. The days of the heat escaping our tub and removing from our experience are gone now with heat controlled and recycling technologies built right in. The air jets essentially push through the water pulling the water molecules along for the ride, and this creates a nice massage effect, soothing away your days stress and restoring your blood circulation. The air can be heated before returning into the water, and the heat itself can actually come from the heat inherent in the water itself.

There are several models available for air jet bathtubs varying from basic models that simply push air through jets into the water (none of the water is actually moved through the plumbing in the tub, it’s simply an air jet that pulls air from a pump and through the water then back out to the air around you) to the whirlpool models that move air and water through the unit efficiently. Today’s technology permits a range of different designs depending on what it is you want to accomplish. You can control the air jets as well to get different degrees of massage from your unit.